computational biology

Early and Real-Time Detection of Seasonal Influenza Onset

We propose a new method that identifies the beginning of the yearly flu season. This is done by using several different data sources, including searches for flu-related symptoms on Google and phone call logs to a specialized medical phone service.

Adaptive developmental plasticity: Compartmentalized responses to environmental cues and to corresponding internal signals provide phenotypic flexibility

We quantified the effect of temperature and ecdysone hormone manipulations on post-growth tissue patterning in an experimental model of adaptive developmental plasticity, the butterfly Bicyclus anynana.

Canalization and control in automata networks: body segmentation in Drosophila melanogaster

We present schema redescription as a methodology to characterize canalization in automata networks used to model biochemical regulation and signalling. In our formulation, canalization becomes synonymous with redundancy present in the logic of automata. This results in straightforward measures to quantify canalization in an automaton (micro-level), which is in turn integrated into a highly scalable framework to characterize the collective dynamics of large-scale automata networks (macro-level).